Veazie Veterinary Clinic
1522 State Street, Veazie, ME
(207) 941-8840


“We feel very fortunate to have discovered Veazie Veterinary Clinic and their rehabilitation services they provide. Our golden retriever, Phoebe, had CCL and meniscus repair surgery, performed by Dr. Cloutier, and is undergoing post-op rehab therapy including exercises and hydrotherapy. Between the expertise and the compassion and love for animals that shows through all that the clinic’s staff does for the client and the pet, the outcome can only be positive. Phoebe enters the clinic like she owns the place and greets everyone she can find with her golden retriever charm then gets right down to work for Heather, the veterinary rehab technician, who has been working with Phoebe for 3 months now. We travel 1 and 1/2 hours each way to get to the clinic and every mile and minute on the road is worth the experience and professional instruction we receive there and take away with us. Thank you doesn’t quite cover our appreciation but it is where we can start.”