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Mia’s Testimony

I just wanted to take a moment to write and tell you all how grateful we are for the experience we had at your Vet Clinic on Wednesday, September 18th. My puppy Mia hurt her knee while playing, and though we are still all unsure how she managed the type of injury she got, we are so impressed by every aspect of our day at the vet clinic.

Mia is by all means the love of my life. This dog means the absolute world to me and I was terrified when she got hurt that she wouldn’t be able to be fixed or that her quality of life would be compromised. As soon as I spoke with Stacy on the phone, I felt that she too had the same care and concern for my little girl.

When we got there, that level of care and concern came from every member of the staff that we had the pleasure of interacting with. Just being able to view the x-rays with Dr. Cloutier and having him explain to us everything he thought and everything he would do to help her, showed that he wanted the best for my girl.

The ability to stay with Mia for the entire time, even while she was intubated was above and beyond for us. No one wants to let their baby dog go with people they don’t know while they get poked and prodded and filled with medicine. Mia’s experience was so much easier than expected because we were able to be right with her through the whole thing. I think she is definitely grateful for that, and would thank you herself if she could speak!

Overall, we just want to say thanks. Thanks for being exceptional, thoughtful, encouraging, compassionate, and caring for our puppy like she was your own. Mia is still recovering obviously and we have the utmost faith in Dr. Cloutier’s work, however should she or Wyatt, her brother, ever need anything else we would not hesitate to make the 2 hour drive back to Veazie Vet Clinic. Thank you all so much.