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Lindsey Gray and Samuel Winchenbach

When our cat Marmalade was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, we were devastated.  He had surgery to remove the cancerous growth in his colon, and when we were told he needed chemotherapy to fight the remaining cancer cells, we had a lot of concerns.  We wondered, “will the chemotherapy be so harmful to him that it will cause his remaining time to be spent sick and miserable?  Will it be an uncomfortable process for him and cause him so much stress that it won’t ultimately be worth the trouble?  Will he be able to regain his former vitality with the chemotherapy treatments, or will it keep him from being his larger-than-life, happy self?”

I’m pleased to report that the chemo treatments that Marmalade has received have only had a positive effect on him, and we had no need to worry.  He gets dropped off at Veazie Vet the morning of his treatments, and they deliver the drug intravenously.  After he’s received his IV, the staff monitors him throughout the day to make sure he’s doing ok and that he’s not having any adverse side effects…they even play with him and pet him, which he adores (he’s always been a bit of an attention-seeker!)

When we pick him up in the afternoon, he’s raring to get home and he usually spends the evening sprinting from room to room and playing with his toys.  He has not had any side effects on the chemo at all.  It doesn’t have the effect on cats that chemo does on humans, although he is losing his whiskers, which is normal with this kind of therapy.  It hasn’t seemed to dampen his spirits one bit, and he’s literally more frisky lately than when he was a kitten…which is a big deal for a cat who’s almost 10-years-old!

The staff at Veazie Vet were fantastic at fielding all of our questions (and there were a lot!) and have been so caring with his treatment.  They put us completely at ease during a difficult time and it has made us so happy to see Marmalade making such good friends with the vet techs.

We do not regret our decision to put Marmalade through chemotherapy.  Not only are we buying him more time with us, but it is quality time.  He’s happy and living his life to the fullest!  He’s back to being his old self…tearing around the house, throwing his toys everywhere, constantly begging to be let onto the sun porch, picking on his brother Snuggles and his sister Calico, and jumping on us while we’re sleeping…and we couldn’t be happier.