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Hiking With Your Dog

August 30, 2012

Lots of owners ask us about hiking and hiking safety with their dogs so here are some tips. Hikes are great exercise for dogs because it allows for continuous moderate exertion compared to short high-exertion exercise like fetch or bike rides. However, there are some things you should know before taking off. Start Small and […]

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Choosing a Caregiver While You’re on Vacation

August 21, 2012

Summer is here and that means that a lot more people are traveling. It’s great if your pet can go with you, but if they can’t than it’s important to find someone to care for your pet that you trust. A lot of clients ask us how to go about choosing care for their pet […]

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2012 Bark For Life

June 1, 2012

On Saturday, June 9th, Greater Bangor Bark for Life will be having a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. Bark for Life is a fun, dog-centered adjunct to Relay for Life, celebrating the canine caregivers of human cancer patients. However, cancer affects dogs directly as well, and the event brings up questions about cancer […]

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Matters of the Heart

February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day 2012– A Note from Dr. Cloutier When it comes to matters of the heart, emotions can run high. When it comes to a potentially life threatening heart condition the best treatment is a diagnosis. With knowledge comes comfort. In a recent case, a family, recovering from the loss of their dog to heart […]

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Saying Goodbye

February 8, 2012

By Krista It’s not a pleasant thing to think about, the death of a pet.  Most of us acquire pets either by way of puppy or kittenhood, adopting an older pet, or accepting a stray who adopts us.  At that time, the farthest thing from our minds is that loved one’s demise.  We are busy with rearranging […]

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