Veazie Veterinary Clinic
1522 State Street, Veazie, ME
(207) 941-8840


Kerrie became an exam room technician at Veazie Vet in 2007 and a feline advocate in 2012. She has since transitioned into a role as one of our front desk staff.  Prior to joining us she spent several years working in the veterinary field in Georgia. She has also worked many years as a wedding and children’s portrait photographer. Her special projects at Veazie Vet include photography, assisting in the maintenance & improvement of our medical records system and making our clinic more cat friendly.  Kerrie also is a kitten foster mom for the Bangor Humane Society.  She will take in momma cats and/or orphaned kittens until they are old enough to be adopted.  Ensuring they are well taken care of and that the kittens learn what life is like in a home, not just a cage.

In her free time, Kerrie enjoys walking in City Forest and anywhere around the ocean, photography, and spending time with her family and friends. She shares her home with 5 cats: Mufasa, an 11 year old Maine Coon, Rajah and Rafiki, 7 year old litter mates, Zazu, a 7 year old lovable kitty that has a mild form of cerebellar hypoplasia, Rocky a 3 year old flame point Siamese mix and one dog, Max a 15 yr old Pomkie that is smaller than all of the cats.