Veazie Veterinary Clinic
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Ashley L

Ashley joined the staff as an assistant in 2008 and graduated from University College of Bangor in 2009 with her Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology.

Her areas of special interest at Veazie Vet are laboratory techniques, dentistry and reproduction. Ashley’s favorite parts of her job include helping to run diagnostics in the laboratory, cleaning teeth to improve her patient’s health and helping to resuscitate puppies during c-sections.

Outside of work, Ashley loves reading, watching movies, gardening and listening to music. She and her husband Kevin have two children: a son Everett and a daughter Aurelia.  They currently have two rescue dogs, a Sheltie/Jack Russell terrier mix named Penny adopted from the Vet Tech program, and an Australian Shepherd named Phil who was adopted after having a broken right hip surgically repaired by Dr. Cloutier. They also have two crazy cats named Ignis and Noctis who were raised as kittens by one of our receptionists, Kerrie.