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What to Expect After Surgery

What Should You Expect Post Surgery?

Our number one priority is to return your pet to their favorite activities as quickly as possible. We work with the owner and pet to create both a pain control regimen, and develop a rehabilitation plan that will restore joint health and function.

Pain Control

Post-surgically your pet will be in some pain for the first few weeks of the healing process. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs are extremely valuable in human and veterinary medicine as pain relievers.

Joint Health

We approach joint health from two angles. First is restoring the joint capsule. A joint consists of articulating bones, a fibrous capsule enclosing the joint, and a slippery lubricating joint fluid to facilitate the gliding of the two bones across each other as the joint is flexed. The bones are capped by cushions of cartilage to facilitate frictionless gliding. This system is disrupted by the surgery and in some cases we recommend Adequan injections or Omega 3 supplements to support joint health.

The other way to restore joint health and mobility is through rehabilitation. Our technicians Heather and Bobbie have extensive education on the topic and will work with you to design a program that will get you pet out running and playing again; in many cases within 6 weeks.

More Information About Post Surgical Medications and Supplements: