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Rae’s FHO Story

Rae was a nine month old puppy when she was referred here by a local veterinarian for a second opinion and consult for hip dysplasia. Her family brought her in to see Dr. Cloutier to have her hind end examined. While she was here he evaluated her gait, her range of motion and the radiographs taken by her primary veterinarian. After an unfortunate confirmation of the suspected hip dysplasia, Dr. Cloutier and her family discussed the different surgical and non-surgical options. They had hoped to have Rae compete in agility and this diagnosis was disappointing.


After some research and lots of consideration the surgery was performed in February 2019. Rae did great through surgery and went home the following day. Rae continued to see us for a few rehabilitation visits after surgery to focus on building up strength in her hind end. Rae’s family followed up with us a year after our first meeting to report that Rae was doing very well. They reported that she had recently started with a competitive agility team and that “She ran three runs over the course of the weekend and all three were qualifying runs! She is doing amazing and I just wanted to let you know. Thank you again to you and your staff for making this even possible for her”.

“She’s never looked back! Eight months to the day of her surgery, we stepped to the line as a competitive agility team. So thankful for Dr. Cloutier and the wonderful staff at Veazie Vet who made this all possible for this sassy, athletic redhead!”