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PDA Surgery

dave_and_maddie76122845_std_14575034_stdPDA surgery is used to correct Patent Ductus Arteriosus. To learn more about the disease please read “PDA & Congenital Heart Disease

PDA Surgery: Surgical Ligation

PDA surgery is conducted by Dr. Cloutier. As part of his interest in cardiology he has completed continuing education gaining the knowledge to conduct several types of open chest surgery including PDA correction. To the left Dr. Cloutier holds Maddie a 12 week old pup who had surgery to correct her PDA in the winter of 2011. Surgical Ligation is when the surgeon opens the chest and ties off the patent (open) ductus arteriosus with suture material to prevent incorrect blood flow.

Is Surgery Safe?

As with any surgery there are risks for potential complications. However, the surgical team at Veazie Veterinary clinic works diligently to minimize these risks through strict monitoring of the patient and a state of the art anesthesia protocol.

Maddie-Norris-PDA-Sx-12The surgery itself is sterile to minimize the risk of infection. Dr. Cloutier uses a C02 laser for surgery which minimizes bleeding and pain. It also does less damage to the tissues which makes surgery far easier to recover from for the patient.

Lastly, our technicians follow an extensive pain management regimen. Controlling pain is not only good for recovery, but reduces the amount of inhaled anesthetics the patient needs during surgery reducing anesthesia risk.

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