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Cardiac Radiographs

Diagnostic imaging is a critical part of any veterinary clinic. It gives us the most information in the least invasive way for many diseases. We have a well trained staff and very good equipment to get the right image on the first try.

Radiology (x-ray):


Radiology uses the fact that bodies are made up of varied material to illuminate structures. The whiter portions are more dense (bones, large organs etc.) the black portions are air (areas in the lungs, gas in the colon). Radiography works well looking at dense things (bones), but not as good at looking at less dense things (seeing the differences between tissues and organs).

Benefits of Digital x-ray systems:

Shades of grey in digital imaging provide more detail than just black and white imaging, and allow for a thorough radiograph interpretation. Veazie Vet has a digital x-ray machine and a grey scale computer that allow us to pick up as much detail as possible. If our doctors have any questions about a radiograph, they are sent to a specialist to read. Results are usually received within hours versus days by mail.

Other Diagnostic Tools