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breeding arrangements

Breeding Arrangements

Breeding arrangements include setting the breeding agreements between the owners of the breeding pair, and discussing the breeding plan with both dogs’ veterinarians.  Do not wait until the female goes into heat to make breeding arrangements!  Timing is critical to successful breeding, so unless both parties live in the same home, most breeders need to coordinate many details to make sure things go well.

The owners of the dogs should discuss timing, availability,  pre-breeding testing including brucellosis tests, and stud fees.  If the litter is to be registered, you need to check with the registering body (such as AKC) regarding any documentation required.  If semen is being shipped, you need to set up payment for the shipping itself as well as any veterinary fees involved with insemination.  Most breeders also agree on the follow-up procedure should the bitch fail to conceive.  A detailed contract between the dog owners is highly recommended.

If the breeding is assisted by one or more veterinarians, please start the discussion early.  The owner of the stud dog should check that the veterinarian is able to provide the required services and will be available around the time that the breeding is anticipated.  The same applies for the veterinarian working with the bitch.  The doctor who will be doing the insemination will plan the timing, and will inform the doctor doing the collecting of how to prepare the sample.  Therefore, if there are two veterinarians involved, it is helpful for them to have the contact information for each other to facilitate a smooth process.

If the breeding will utilize frozen semen, in most cases the semen can be shipped well in advance of the expected start of the estrous cycle.  Coordinating the shipping of frozen semen takes longer than fresh-chilled, and therefore it is helpful to have it completed in case the bitch comes into estrus earlier than expected.

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