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Cesarean sections are performed mostly by Dr. Keene as part of our reproduction program. Cesarean delivery is the delivery of a fetus by surgical incision.

c-sectionWhy Deliver By Cesarean?

Sometimes puppies or kittens are not able to be delivered naturally. This can be due to the size size of the pups or kittens, the mother’s pelvic size or shape, or the fetus could be poorly positioned. It may also be required in the case of uterine inertia, when there is little or no contractions in the uterus, or if there are signs of fetal distress such as black, red or green discharge.

A C-section should not be performed until the dam is overdue, and it is best to wait until labor starts, or the temperature drops below 99° Fahrenheit and stays low.

Dr. Keene heads up our reproduction program and would be happy to answer any additional questions about C-sections or breeding in general. You can also check out our breeding pages in the Signature Service section for information on everything from services we offer, to common questions.

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