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Preventative Care for Senior Dogs

preventative care for senior dogsPreventative care for senior dogs starts with regular physical examinations.

We recommend bi-annual exams for senior dogs. This allows us to check blood work, listen to their heart and assess problems such as arthritis and dental disease.

Geriatric blood panels are a key diagnostic tool which can help us detect problems even before the animal is symptomatic. If your dog is on NSAIDs for arthritis, it is particularly important to check blood work regularly to monitor kidney & liver function.

A dog owner’s observations can be critical to this process. Let your veterinarian know if you see:

  • Changes in behavior
  • Changes in appetite/thirst
  • Changes in urination or defecation
  • Changes in activity level
  • Loss of interest in family or toys
  • Increasing difficulty walking, running, or using stairs

Being aware of these changes makes treatment both more successful and easier if it is needed.