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Deciding When to Say Goodbye

Euthanasia is a peaceful and humane option that alleviates the pain and suffering of our pets dealing with life threatening illness, or living with poor quality of life. Regardless, deciding when to say goodbye is always difficult. The first thing to know is that you don’t have to make the decision alone. Call your veterinarian and talk about it.

We can help you evaluate your pet’s situation, possible alternatives and long term prognosis along with other considerations like finances and family obligations. When you call to speak with the doctor, let us know who you prefer to speak with and that you would like some advice about euthanasia and quality of life treatments.

Removing the Feelings of Guilt

It is normal to be apprehensive about euthanasia. Many individuals feel trapped between not wanting to end their pet’s life too early, and also not wanting to prolong their suffering. They worry about guilt and regret around the decision. Loss will always be painful, but preparing for euthanasia and having a plan with your veterinarian can give closure and peace of mind that you made the right choice.

Although discussing the medical prognosis and what to expect is helpful, you know your pet the best and are the only one who can make this decision. Often a quality of life scale like the one attached below is helpful in tracking the good days and bad days. This gives you the ability to look over a period of time to see if your pet’s quality of life is acceptable.

Once you have been recording for a week or so, talk with your veterinarian, talk it over with close family or confide in a caring friend. The important thing for you to know is that this is not a decision you have to make alone.

Once a Decision Has Been Made

Once you or your family have made the decision call Veazie Vet to set up an appointment. For those who will be present, discuss what your preferences are. Would you like to stay with your pet or leave? Do you want some time afterward to say goodbye? Do you want to cremate the body? Do you want to receive their ashes?

There is a lot of flexibility about when and where the euthanasia is performed so make sure to let us know what you need. We will do our best to accommodate it to make this as peaceful a memory as possible. We also encourage you to do all the paperwork beforehand.

Quality of Life