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End of Life Care

Decisions about end of life care are difficult every pet owner. Unfortunately, the pain of pet loss is not always recognized by those around us. Yet, our pets are our family. It is our hope to provide the support and choices you need for a peaceful memory. If you ever need to talk, we are happy to listen. We all understand the pain that comes with saying good-bye.

Preparing for Good-Bye

end of life careTalking early and often about your wishes with your veterinarian is important. Although sometimes loss is sudden, we can prepare through discussion, the best course for your pet.

We encourage you to call if you are considering euthanasia or if you want to discuss quality of life planning. There are options that can accommodate a wide variety of needs. Having a plan in place eases decisions about home care, changes in treatment, and end of life.

Pet loss will always be painful, and it is normal to grieve. However, how we work together to ensure a peaceful passing for your beloved pet can help relieve anxiety around euthanasia.

Pet Remembrance and Cremation

For those whose pets have passed, we can suggest places to purchase urns and other pet remembrance products. We also encourage owners to look online for such products. We are able to transfer remains for you.

With an end of life decision, we arrange for crematory services. We can provide private cremations if requested. If private cremation is desired, pets’ remains are usually returned to us within one week.

Pet Loss Resources