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Hair Ties Are For Hair, Not Cats!

Elastic BlogJust when you think your kitty is on his best behavior, he is behind your back doing something he knows you won’t like. For example, eating hair elastics! He might be playing with them, but there is a chance that he is eating them too.

Elastics and other small household items, like rubber bands, pose serious health issues to your cat. A couple of extreme cases have called for surgical removal of a stomach full of elastics.

You might be wondering why your cat would be enticed to eat the elastics in the first place. It could be a number of reasons, like the fact that they carry your scent. But regardless of the reason, the outcome is not beneficial for your kitty; and hair elastics just don’t make good cat toys!

If your cat is exhibiting signs of lethargy or is just not himself, be sure he has not been eating things he is not supposed to. Always make sure that you don’t leave your hair elastics or rubber bands within your cat’s reach. Offer him other cat toys instead, and watch what he’s eating!