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perches & resting areas

Perches & Resting Areas

Cats are inquisitive but also skittish animals. Many prefer observation from safe perches & resting areas at a distance rather than being part of the daily action in the home. And for sleep or rest they prefer a safe, warm and quiet place to rest/sleep.

Taking a Nap

beffers2_21275329_stdWhat do you look for in a desirable napping place? If you are like me (Dr. McCaw here!), you want a quiet, comfortable, dimly lit locale away from the hubbub of the rest of the house. Well, your cat wants the same thing. If you prefer that your cat not sleep on your bed or other furniture try to make another location appealing. Place cozy bedding and blankets in a warm sunny spot away from activity. Once your pet has found a place they like to sleep don’t disturb or startle them, they may find a different location next time.


perchCats really like a “birds eye” view of their surroundings and need a place that elevates them. They are three dimensional creatures who explore vertical and horizontal space. A perch is also a private, safe space to sit, lie, sleep or watch. Place furniture near windows so cats can look outside.