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Outdoor Cat Enclosures and Shelters

Given the many risks of the great outdoors, some owners have elected to have a compromise. Provide your cat an outdoor enclosure so that they can have a safer experience.

Outdoor Cat Shelters

Providing a safe place for your outdoor cat to seek shelter is important. This may be as simple as having a cat door so they can come back in the house. However, if your cat is going to be out and cannot have free access to their home, providing a safe haven that has food and water can help create a safer environment. It’s especially important in Maine where the weather can change unpredictably.

Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Cat enclosures are the perfect compromise for the owner who does not want their cat off roaming unsupervised, but still have the ability to go outside. There are several companies that make different types of fences, enclosures and dens of varying sizes and styles.