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Feline Annual Exams

cat on pinkThere are many infectious diseases that we can help prevent. Excellent vaccines are available for the Rabies virus, both major feline upper respiratory viruses and the Feline Leukemia virus. We can also prevent and protect against many parasites including fleas, intestinal worms, heartworm and ear mites.

Annual Exam: More Than Just Updating Shots

Both indoor and outdoor cats should come in once yearly for a wellness visit. During this visit the doctor will perform a full physical exam and administer necessary vaccines. We also recommend bringing a stool sample to test for internal parasites (most important for indoor/outdoor cats). Routinely evaluating your cats’ overall health, discussing environment, and addressing any concerns help us promote a long, comfortable, healthy and happy life.

The physical exam is a critical part of determining overall health. Taking vitals, palpating the abdomen and lymph nodes as well as auscultating (listening to) the heart and lungs on a regular basis will aid us in early detection of disease in apparently healthy individuals. Remember, cats can be very stoic animals and may not show signs of illness until a disease process is advanced.

What Vaccines Do Cats Need?