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Cats & Counters

perch, cats & countersHow Do I Keep My Cat Off the Counter?

Cats are three dimensional creatures; that is, they need to get off of the ground and survey their environment. This means your cat will likely want to access all the levels of your home, including counter tops and table tops. Not all owners want their cats on counter tops. Kittens can get into food, soaps and plants. Adult cats may like to steal food.

The most difficult part of training is consistency-catching them every time (even when you are not home!). Solutions for training must therefore activate without you being present. Here are some tips and ideas on how to train your kitten to stay off counters or  lessen the attraction between adult cats & counters:

  • A deterring spray collar. Most of these are activated by a sensor when the cat enters a room. This product works to keep your cat out of the kitchen.
  • Place a preferred surface on or next to the unacceptable surface. Once your cat is using the preferred surface, slowly move it away to a more suitable location.
  • Catnip, strategically placed, will attract most cats to that area.
  • sells an infrared beam for the counter to set off an alarm. However, the alarm does not turn off until you switch it off.
  • SSScat is a motion detector that emits a puff of air when approached.
  • A vinyl carpet runner can be placed on the counter when you can’t supervise. Place it upside down so the points are facing upward.
  • Place two sided tape or tinfoil on the unacceptable surface.
  • ScatMat is a static electricity generator that gives a small zap when touched.