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a happier vet visit

A Happier Vet Visit

Cats are not as social as dogs and are not as accustomed to traveling away from their safe home environment. The travel and transport to the veterinary office can therefore be stressful for them. We often hear from owners that the second the cat carrier comes out, their cat vanishes from sight! We want to change all that and help make it a happier vet visit for you and your cat.

A Different Kind of Cat Care for happier vet visits

Cats are America’s number one companion animal, with 10 million more cats in the United States than dogs. Yet cats are far less likely to come to the vet. There are several reasons behind this, but one of the biggest is that the trip to the vet is stressful.

Veazie Vet has tried to look at every angle of the experience, from the time the carrier comes out to the time they return to their housemates, to see how we can make the vet trip as stress-free as possible.

Upon arrival, the receptionist team will offer you a seat in a tranquil, sunny seating location to help reduce stress or may escort you directly into a room.  We have one exam room that is set aside just for cats.  Even though the clinic air still may small like dogs there have not been any dogs in this one room for several years now.  Minimizing smell as a trigger for a nervous cat that is never around dogs can make a significant difference in their visit with us!

Out cat rooms have lights that can be dimmed and Feliway plug-ins (calming pheromones), to help create a soothing atmosphere. We try to use soft voices throughout the entire visit with all feline patients. Whenever possible, we strive to conduct exams where the cat is comfortable, whether that be in the bottom of the carrier, on the scale or in the sink. Any tests and diagnostics are also done in the room to minimize stress. Payments can be processed in the exam room, so there is no need to go back into the busy lobby.

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Veazie Veterinary Clinic is a Gold Star Cat Friendly Certified Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners