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Dog’s Day for a Dental!

By Ashley R

I knew something was up when I was told I need to skip breakfast. It must be time for my dental cleaning! I jump in the car and sniff my way into Veazie Vet for the day.

I am greeted by the lovely receptionist who always gives me a treat out of the basket, but not today!

In front of me are 4 doors just waiting to be opened, which one will it be? I ask myself. Lucky door number 2 opens and out comes my all-time favorite technician, which just happens to be the one cleaning my teeth today. I greet her with exuberance, as always.

As I sit in room number 2, waiting not so patiently, I hear my Doctor getting ready to come in. He places that cold stethoscope on my chest – I assume I am the first patient of the day! I get a thorough exam as I would any other day! This puts my parents at ease.

I now get to go out back where I get to see more of my favorite people! I hear this is where the dental will be taking place. My parents are still signing paperwork though. I leave it up to them to get me checked in correctly and to make sure Veazie Vet has their digits, so they can get a hold of them once I am finished.

I am cuddled out back while they draw my blood – I am more focused on the cuddling than the actual act of getting the blood. This is something I admire about this place. I am then given a “home away from home” as I call it outback while I wait for my results from the bloodwork. This is unlike any other place I have seen, it is equipped with the warmest blanket and I can’t wait to jump into it.

I am listening intently and I hear “Emma’s bloodwork is done, and is good to go” Yes, finally I am getting closer to fresh breath! Next the technicians, and they are carrying a syringe…but I know this means more cuddle time like before. I do feel a slight poke this time as I am given my pre-medication, which makes me sleepy.

I don’t even notice that 10 minutes has passed because I am so comfy. I am then carried out to the treatment room because I don’t feel like walking. I see up ahead what looks like a bed with hot water blankets and towels! This can’t be true, I think to myself.

I am set down on the warmest bed I have ever felt, while they place an intravenous catheter in my front leg – this makes me and my parents feel better about the procedure because I will be receiving fluids and there is venous access in case of emergencies.

I then doze off to sleep – feeling like no time has passed and I am awake again!

I lick my teeth as I awake and can tell there is a big difference! My parents are going to be so excited, as I howl out to let everyone know I am awake and happy.

The great thing about this whole experience is that I get a spa day – I get a bath once I am awake. My nails are clipped and ears are cleaned to perfection. I get plenty of hugs and kisses while I am awake, and I assume while I am sleeping as well. What more could a girl ask for? Besides clean teeth of course.

So now that I am dry and ready to go, my parents show up! I even have a toothbrush and toothpaste to bring home. My parents get to look at the awesome radiographs of all my teeth and the dramatic before and after pictures!

The receptionist says her farewell as I waltz out the door to go home and take a nap.