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Pet Safety

Essential Oils and Your Pet

Essential Oils Use in Animals Essential oils are not a new thing, and in today’s age of trying to treat minor ailments as naturally as possible, they are becoming more and more popular.  We have started to get questions about their use in or on animals.  Questions have been asked as to the risks of […]

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The Importance of Rabies Vaccines

August 10, 2015

Why It Is Important For You to Vaccinate ALL of Your Pets In recent months, there have been a number of articles in Maine newspapers about confirmed cases of rabies in wildlife. People often forget that wildlife, while cute, beautiful, or exotic, can be dangerous. Game wardens and rangers tell us never to approach wildlife, […]

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Dog Flu

We have received several calls recently from worried clients who are concerned about the current outbreak of Canine Influenza (dog flu) in the Midwest. We wanted to take this opportunity to educate you on the facts and what you can do. First of all, don’t panic! There is a lot of sensationalism in the media […]

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Pet First Aid

pet first aid kit

Emergency First Aid Information We get a lot of owners asking what they should have on hand in case of an emergency. Here are some suggestions of what you should keep in your pet’s first aid kit. Emergency Numbers including Veazie Veterinary Clinic (941-8840), the Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic (989-6267), and Poison Control Hotline […]

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Halloween Safety Tips

October 27, 2014
Halloween Safety Tips

Ghosts, goblins and candy are all right around the corner. Here are a few Halloween safety tips to keep in mind to keep you and your pet safe during this spooky season. Black Cats: Unfortunately many black cats are targets this time of year. There are many pranksters that may not have the best of […]

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Microchips Work!

October 15, 2014

Why did I microchip my pets? One of the worst feelings in the world is realizing that one of your four legged family members is missing! It has happened to me, twice. The first time it happened was 20 years ago, before microchips were readily available for family pets. Our very first cat (who was […]

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