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Puppy Socialization

New Photo (24)A puppy’s critical window of socialization is from 6 weeks to 6 months

Every effort should be made throughout this very important period to allow the puppy to bond with the family. During this time, you should also expose your puppy to every situation or procedure that it could potentially encounter in his or her lifetime.

Encourage your new puppy to get used to the following: riding in the car, kids, bikes, delivery men, vacuum cleaners, being touched while eating, touching its feet, clipping its nails, brushing its fur, looking in its mouth, eyes and ears, getting picked up and being rolled on its back, as well as any other situation that it may face.

The more places that you take your puppy, the more it will be exposed to new and different experiences so that it will learn not to be as afraid as it would have been had it never been exposed to these new things.

We do not recommend gating your puppy in the kitchen away from the rest of the family. If you are afraid that your puppy will have an accident in the house, the best thing that you can do is to put them on a leash and attach the other end to you. The puppy will never be out of sight, and you can watch for signs of it having to eliminate. The puppy will get to bond with you at the same time.

When you are not at home and cannot be with your puppy, a crate is a safe place for a puppy to be and to feel comfortable. This will prevent inappropriate elimination (most dogs will not eliminate where they have to sleep) and prevent mischievous chewing.

You should practice leaving the puppy at home alone. Start with short intervals of time, gradually building up the length of time that it is left in the crate. This will help prevent separation anxiety.