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Non-Core Vaccines for Dogs

non-core vaccines for dogsNon-core vaccines for dogs are those that depend on your dog’s lifestyle, exposure to other dogs, and your geographic location. During your dog’s examination, your veterinarian will discuss with you whether or not they are recommended for your pet.

Bordetella: Recommended for dogs with increased risk of exposure

A bacteria that infects the upper respiratory tract that causes an irritating “goose-honk” type cough. There are many strains of this disease and since it is easily spread between dogs, most kennels in the area require this vaccine. This is a yearly vaccine.

Lyme Vaccine: recommended for dogs with risk of exposure

This disease is spread by a bacteria that is carried by ticks. The greater Bangor area does not see much incidence of this and therefore we do not typically recommend this vaccine. If your dog travels to more endemic areas such as southern Maine and the rest of New England we may recommend this vaccine. This is a yearly vaccine.

Not Sure? Talk to Your Veterinarian!

If you aren’t sure whether your dog should receive these vaccines, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. They will be able to help you decide what is the best way to protect your pet and keep them healthy and happy.