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canine wellness

Canine Wellness

Canine wellness means regular well pet visits in order to check out your dog’s overall health, including a physical exam and routine blood screening as necessary.

Well pet visits for your dog are a chance to ensure a healthy, active and happy year ahead. We will conduct a thorough physical examination to evaluate mobility, cardiovascular health, respiratory health and overall wellness. We will also discuss your dog’s lifestyle.

Do they stay at home, get boarded or go to the groomer? Although all dogs are required by the State of Maine to have a rabies vaccine, other vaccines may not be appropriate for every dog. Questions about your pet’s environment and travels are important in deciding what vaccines and preventative care measures are right for your dog.

Well pet visits are also a good time to discuss any behavior concerns you have or questions about diet and nutrition. To learn more about vaccinations, parasite control, routine blood work and canine behavior please follow the links: