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Behavioral Consultation

Erica's JRTVeazie Veterinary Clinic realizes that behavior can have one of the largest impacts on an owner and pet’s quality of life. Having a great relationship with your dog takes time and effort, but the staff at Veazie Vet is ready to lend support and tips should you need our help.

What to Expect at Your Behavioral Consultation:

Veazie Veterinary Clinic offers behavior consultation exams to owners and their pets who are having difficulty with training. We may ask you to leave your dog behind, but bring any family members who are affected by the pet’s behavior. A thorough history will be used to diagnose the cause of the undesirable behavior. We will then go over a treatment plan based on your pet’s specific behaviors. We provide written instructions and tools to work with your pet and always encourage follow-up!

Common Behavioral Issues:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Aggression (fear or territorial)
  • Common doggie manners
  • Jumping, walking on a leash, barking

Articles on Specific Behavioral Issues: