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Canine Athletes

canine athletesActive dogs benefit from cardio conditioning, particularly in the colder months when their owners have difficulty getting outdoors. Sporting and agility dogs benefit from core conditioning and balance work. If you want your canine athlete in optimal performance shape, we can design a program for you.

Who are Canine Athletes?

Canine athletes are any active young to adult dog that loves to run and play. You may be thinking of agility, hunting, sporting or show dogs, but don’t forget to put your own weekend warrior on the list!

Especially in spring, after a long restful winter, dogs can use a conditioning boost to help prevent injury. Pets go out to camp and run around, or have a play date. Sometimes they get overly excited, run too hard, jump too far, or twist the wrong way and come back limping.

What is Canine Conditioning?

Canine conditioning uses the conditioning equipment like those found in a gym. Together, we can tailor a program that will:

  • Help strengthen your pet’s muscles
  • Improve balance
  • Increase body awareness.

We may also work with our nutrition team to come up with a plan to make sure your athlete is getting the nutrients needed for top performance.

Many pets spend their winter inactive, cuddled up inside, and staying warm with you. By conditioning them for warm weather activities ahead of time, you lessen the chance they will get hurt. It can also keep off unwanted winter weight. Many of the routines and stretches we teach you, you can do at home, including how to stretch your pet before strenuous activity such as hikes.