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We truly strive to care for each pet parent and pet with the utmost care and compassion, but our clients say it best.

Mia’s Testimony

“I just wanted to take a moment to write and tell you all how grateful we are for the experience we had at your Vet Clinic on Wednesday, September 18th. My puppy Mia hurt her knee while playing, and though we are still all unsure how she managed the type of injury she got, we are so impressed by every aspect of our day at the vet clinic.

Mia is by all means the love of my life. This dog means the absolute world to me and I was terrified when she got hurt that she wouldn’t be able to be fixed or that her quality of life would be compromised. As soon as I spoke with Stacy on the phone, I felt that she too had the same care and concern for my little girl.

When we got there, that level of care and concern came from every member of the staff that we had the pleasure of interacting with. Just being able to view the x-rays with Dr. Cloutier and having him explain to us everything he thought and everything he would do to help her, showed that he wanted the best for my girl.

The ability to stay with Mia for the entire time, even while she was intubated was above and beyond for us. No one wants to let their baby dog go with people they don’t know while they get poked and prodded and filled with medicine. Mia’s experience was so much easier than expected because we were able to be right with her through the whole thing. I think she is definitely grateful for that, and would thank you herself if she could speak!

Overall, we just want to say thanks. Thanks for being exceptional, thoughtful, encouraging, compassionate, and caring for our puppy like she was your own. Mia is still recovering obviously and we have the utmost faith in Dr. Cloutier’s work, however should she or Wyatt, her brother, ever need anything else we would not hesitate to make the 2 hour drive back to Veazie Vet Clinic. Thank you all so much.”

~Caissie, Isaiah, and Mia dog.

Marti’s Testimony

“In early October, 2011 Marti, our beloved beagle, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. An ultrasound performed by Dr. McCaw revealed suspicious abnormalities on Marti’s spleen.

Within an hour, Dr. Cloutier began the operation to remove her spleen. The biopsy performed on the abnormalities revealed the presence of the cancer. Without additional treatment, her life expectancy might have been as little as several months. We were devastated, because Marti had been our loving pet for 11 years.

Dr. Cloutier advised that we speak with Dr. Keene about chemotherapy for Marti. Within several days we met with Dr. Keene, who recommended that Marti receive a series of chemotherapy treatments in the hope of prolonging a high quality of life for her. The treatments were completed by the middle of January, and Marti was her old self. All ultrasounds and X-rays through the spring were negative, Marti remained vigorous and energetic, and we were becoming increasingly optimistic that Marti might beat her cancer.

The bad news came on July 18. An ultrasound showed an abnormality in a portion of her liver, indicating that the cancer had returned. Because of where the tumor was located in her liver, it was inoperable. After discussing the situation with Dr. Keene, we decided that Marti would receive a chemotherapy treatment. Dr. Keene spent considerable time trying to determine the best drug with which to treat Marti. Unfortunately, Marti did not tolerate the treatment well.

Dr. Keene then spent more time, including consulting with specialists in canine oncology, trying to find a solution that offered at least some hope for temporarily slowing the spread of Marti’s cancer. Although there were options, none provided any real hope. Even though Dr. Keene offered to continue searching, because Marti’s life was still high quality we opted to forgo any further treatment and allow her to live the rest of her life as comfortably as possible. Marti ultimately passed away on November 8, 2012 at age 13 years and 5 months.

We are very grateful for the wonderful, caring treatment that Marti received at the Veazie Veterinary Clinic and the interest and concern for her well-being shown by the veterinarians and technicians that were involved in her care. We are grateful to Dr. Cloutier for performing the operation to remove Marti’s spleen literally on the spur of the moment and especially grateful to Dr. Keene and those working with her to provide Marti’s chemotherapy treatment. Without their efforts Marti’s life might have been shortened substantially, and we would have been denied the additional time during which we were able to see her beautiful face and experience her loving disposition and devoted companionship.”

Jazz & Yogi

“Thank you SO MUCH!!! We were referred here because of the physical therapy offerings. A specialty veterinary hospital had surmised that our 9-year old husky had disc issues in his lower back, which was affecting his stability. Dr. Cloutier watched him walk around (yes, he actually took time and WATCHED HIM walk around), and suggested an x-ray.

I was hesitant because past experience with x-rays meant cost and anesthesia – not this time. His staff was able to get the x-ray from my highly neurotic boy with relative ease. Wow. The x-ray showed that there was very little space between the C6 and C7 vertebrae, and that was also likely contributing to, if not causing his problems.

Through a mix of meds and physical therapy by Heather – who astounded me by what she was able to get my neurotic dog with personal space issues to do – his stability and strength have both improved. Also, they educated us on what to do at home, with respect to diet and exercise, to maintain the gains he has made.

It was through this experience that we inquired about hip dysplasia, because our three-year old chow/border collie mix had been diagnosed with severe dysplasia when he was about 6 months old by another veterinarian. We did what we could with prescription joint mobility food, but he (Yogi) was back to the point of crying out in pain almost every time he would stand up, and he was beginning to not want to walk at all.

Dr. Cloutier is very experienced with FHO surgeries, and took the time to educate us on the pros and cons, as well as the alternatives. I will also mention here that Dr. Cloutier and his staff were again able to do x-rays on our chow with no anesthesia – this is a dog who on his very first vet visit when he was a baby nipped the doctor, and who on his second visit nipped at and peed all over the techs who were trying to draw blood, while all the time screeching at the top of his lungs.

We were apprehensive, as both hips needed to be done, and we were warned that the first few weeks after the surgery would be difficult – but in the long run it would pay off. We were also educated on the importance of physical therapy once or twice a week, and also our roles in getting him up and moving and walking – against his protests.

We did as we were instructed – it was difficult to get the stubborn little bugger to get up when did didn’t want to, but we knew it was critical to his recovery. We also adhered to the physical therapy schedule with Heather – who was so wonderful. Again, I can’t believe what she could get him to do – obviously he bonded with her during the couple of days after his surgery when she was his caregiver, and was able to trust her. And she kept tabs on all of us throughout this process, checking on him (and us) between therapy sessions.

I think we were told to expect improvement around the four to six month mark. Well – after two weeks Yogi was back to where he was before the surgery – but with no cries of pain. It has been two months now, and he is back to his normal activities, with no pain and better range of motion. He has done so well in fact, that he had his last physical therapy session last week.

To conclude – we just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to the Veazie Vet staff (especially Heather)! And to anyone considering/debating an FHO – know that you are in the right hands.”

Anne Evans

Elly & Emma“My introduction to the Veazie Veterinary Clinic came from a referral from my own vet. My two Corgi puppies had a heart problem that my vet was not equipped to deal with.

The minute I entered the clinic I felt that my pups were going to be okay. The doctors and their staff exude confidence, capability, and compassion.

The heart surgery was done and I am delighted to say that my little girls will soon be home. In time, they will be better than ever.

I believe that all life is precious. Thanks to Dr. Cloutier and his assistants, my girls will have the lives they were meant to and deserve to have.

My prayers were answered when my Corgi’s and I entered the doors of the Veazie Veterinary Clinic!”


Kerrianne Howland

“I’m extremely thankful for the Veazie Veterinarian Clinic! They give my dog Koda (a six year old cockapoo), the best loving, compassionate and personal care! They have also helped me deal with Koda’s allergies and skin issues.

Koda has struggled a ton with allergies and skin care since he was two years old. I was never able to get on the right track until I found Dr. Cloutier and their staff. Dr. Cloutier has worked extremely hard to find the right solutions and he was dedicated to figuring it out.

We tried many different methods over the past and took our time testing and watching every reaction. I’m ecstatic to say between using a special shampoo and prescription medication, Koda is now finally able to deal with his skins issues better than ever!!! Much thanks to Dr. Cloutier & Staff for helping Koda in so many ways and for loving him the way they do!”


Hi Dr. Keene,

Thank you for fixing my face. My human mom and dad are pretty impressed with your work. I am finally eating again without having to turn my head to get my fat lip out of the way.

I am being a good girl and taking all my cheese balls. Now if only dad would let me chew on momma-Tilly’s ears again life would be great! Thanks again.


“The staff here is incredible. Very knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate, patient, and kind. I drive 2 hours to go to this vet because I feel they give the highest quality care in the area and really do care about your pet.”

Laura Benoit

“Thank-you so much Veazie vet for taking such great care of Bernard! I hear from my parents that he is doing well. I even heard that he went for a walk/swim on the treadmill!”

Sadie Jennings

“I am super impressed by the quality of care that your facility strives for. Everyone is friendly, welcoming, and really seems to genuinely care about the clients and their animals. Thank you so much for taking care of Shadow and making his teeth pearly white!”

Marisa Eastman

“Thank you so much to the whole staff, especially Dr. Dave for taking such good care of my dog, Katie. I really appreciate it :)”

Janet Curran, Everett, WA

“Just a quick thank you to Dr. Cloutier for a surgery that he performed 13 years ago. My chocolate lab, Drufus, is nearing the end of his life- a life he had thanks to Dr. C. Drufus had bi-lateral FHO surgery when he was a pup, and he has lived a good long, active, and happy life. I was a poor student with not many options for the dog. Dr. C. provided amazing care for the dog at a price that I could afford at the time! Thank you for giving Drufus a life. He has blessed my life for the last 14 years.”


“Good morning! Thank you so much for tending to Casey’s needs yesterday. We had a super day at Veazie – everyone was so nice and it was incredibly interesting for me to be able to watch the procedure! The Clinic has a wonderful atmosphere and I appreciated being able to wait in your comfortable break area.

He slept well last night and seemed in fine spirits this morning before I headed off to work. He is eating soft food (and his meds) without any obvious pain.Please thank Autumn again for me – I did not get a chance to say good bye to her before we headed back to Cutler.Nile was very eager to hear what happened, and sends everyone her best!

I am giving the Clinic’s contact info to a friend of mine in Cutler who has an older dog who needs a dental appointment. I look forward to seeing you when he needs your care again. Take care!”

Brenda H. Attean

“Demetri and I want to thank Dr. Dave and all the staff for the excellent care during his recent eye surgery. He’s happy to be home and playing with Donovan, who was thrilled to see him looking normal again. You guys are great!!”

Cheryl MacKenzie

“Couldn’t be more pleased; well worth the travel from New Brunswick, Canada.”


“We feel very fortunate to have discovered Veazie Veterinary Clinic and their rehabilitation services they provide. Our golden retriever, Phoebe, had CCL and meniscus repair surgery, performed by Dr. Cloutier, and is undergoing post-op rehab therapy including exercises and hydrotherapy. Between the expertise and the compassion and love for animals that shows through all that the clinic’s staff does for the client and the pet, the outcome can only be positive. Phoebe enters the clinic like she owns the place and greets everyone she can find with her golden retriever charm then gets right down to work for Heather, the veterinary rehab technician, who has been working with Phoebe for 3 months now. We travel 1 and 1/2 hours each way to get to the clinic and every mile and minute on the road is worth the experience and professional instruction we receive there and take away with us. Thank you doesn’t quite cover our appreciation but it is where we can start.”

Lindsey Gray and Samuel Winchenbach

“When our cat Marmalade was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, we were devastated. He had surgery to remove the cancerous growth in his colon, and when we were told he needed chemotherapy to fight the remaining cancer cells, we had a lot of concerns. We wondered, “will the chemotherapy be so harmful to him that it will cause his remaining time to be spent sick and miserable? Will it be an uncomfortable process for him and cause him so much stress that it won’t ultimately be worth the trouble? Will he be able to regain his former vitality with the chemotherapy treatments, or will it keep him from being his larger-than-life, happy self?”

I’m pleased to report that the chemo treatments that Marmalade has received have only had a positive effect on him, and we had no need to worry. He gets dropped off at Veazie Vet the morning of his treatments, and they deliver the drug intravenously. After he’s received his IV, the staff monitors him throughout the day to make sure he’s doing ok and that he’s not having any adverse side effects…they even play with him and pet him, which he adores (he’s always been a bit of an attention-seeker!)

When we pick him up in the afternoon, he’s raring to get home and he usually spends the evening sprinting from room to room and playing with his toys. He has not had any side effects on the chemo at all. It doesn’t have the effect on cats that chemo does on humans, although he is losing his whiskers, which is normal with this kind of therapy. It hasn’t seemed to dampen his spirits one bit, and he’s literally more frisky lately than when he was a kitten…which is a big deal for a cat who’s almost 10-years-old!

The staff at Veazie Vet were fantastic at fielding all of our questions (and there were a lot!) and have been so caring with his treatment. They put us completely at ease during a difficult time and it has made us so happy to see Marmalade making such good friends with the vet techs.

We do not regret our decision to put Marmalade through chemotherapy. Not only are we buying him more time with us, but it is quality time. He’s happy and living his life to the fullest! He’s back to being his old self…tearing around the house, throwing his toys everywhere, constantly begging to be let onto the sun porch, picking on his brother Snuggles and his sister Calico, and jumping on us while we’re sleeping…and we couldn’t be happier.”

Candace Moores

“Thank you Veazie Vet for the wonderful care you give to all of our “babies.”

Moe Whitehouse

Yurrie_1“Thank you for making Yuri’s first visit there a fun experience! Here he is three weeks ago in his favorite L.L. Bean men’s size 12 “Wicked Good Slipper.” See you in four weeks.”



Donna Wiegle

“The hardest part of being a pet owner is saying “goodbye” at the end of their lives. Last week, Dr. Dave Cloutier and staff at Veazie Veterinary Clinic helped us say goodbye to our 14 year-old lab Kady. She was an awesome dog/friend/family member from beginning to end and the staff at Veazie made it easier to let her go. Thank you all.”


“Excellent experience at this clinic. We were referred by our veterinarian to this clinic for diagnostic ultrasound and blood tests and from the time Debbie answered the phone until we were referred to a surgical specialist, we had wonderful care and advice from Dr. McCaw. We highly recommend Veazie Veterinary Clinic.”

Lee Campen-Parks

‘Happy Holidays to all the wonderful Drs., Vet Techs, staff and caregivers at Veazie! You are a truly caring and devoted clinic! So many appreciate your time, work and caring that you put into your patients and their families. Safe and Happy Holidays to all!!”

Natalie King

“Love you folks! Thank you for answering my dog food question this noon! 🙂 You have put my mind at ease. It is well worth the travel for such great vets & staff! Happy 4th of July! Thank you Dr. Mike for keeping them healthy!”


“My cat Ivan is a much happier and healthier pet since having dentistry completed. I’m amazed at how much this once shy animal has come out of his ‘shell’. His energy has increased, he’s much more playful, and his quality of life is clearly better. The difference is night and day. I wish we had done this sooner.”
~Chantelle, Satisfied Pet Owner


“Excellent facility and staff. We were transferred to Veazie Vet from another practice many years ago when one of our pets was incredibly ill because of the highly specialized care that Veazie could provide. We lost that pet to the illness, but have never regretted our transition to this practice. We could certainly receive veterinary care closer to home, but we choose to keep our pets with Veazie.

All the veterinarians consistently demonstrate exceptional care and compassion to their patients–the animals they serve. We recently had one of our dogs seen by Dr. McCaw with an emergent medical issue. When our dog had some complications just prior to our departure Dr. McCaw did not hesitate to sit right down in the lobby to care for Tucker and stay with him until he was confident that Tucker was okay. At this practice your animals are treated like they are your children and I would have no reservations in highly recommending this practice.”