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Julie Perkins

It is with great sadness that I announce the loss of our beloved hospital administrator Julie Perkins who passed away due to complications following a recent surgery. Julie may not have embraced the messy part of medicine, but she knew how to take care of the people that provided that care. There was no part of Veazie Vet that Julie did not touch. She always welcomed people into her office, took the time to listen and offer thoughtful insight. She never missed an opportunity to celebrate a success with a party and food, sometimes even a tiara.

Julie insisted that Veazie Vet follow the rules, not just to ensure compliance with OSHA, AVMA or the IRS, but to be certain she looked after each and every individual in our building. Her passion for what we do and her compassion for our patients and their owners was ever present in her mind and guided her work. In her fifteen years with us she helped shape the heart and soul of who we are. I often called her the rudder of our ship that kept us pointed in the right direction, especially during stormy seas.

Our employees past and present will miss hearing her laugh, feeling her support and knowing her kindness. Our hearts go out to Julie’s family and friends.

Dave and the Veazie Vet Team