Veazie Veterinary Clinic
1522 State Street, Veazie, ME
(207) 941-8840

Mission, Vision and Values

We have come together as a staff to decide why and how we do what we do.  When taking care of our clients and patients we are guided by this vision which is further defined by our clinic’s core values, our mission and our philosophies.   We then use these as a guide to help us better in our daily interactions.



Making a difference; one interaction at a time


Core Values:

  • Being fully PRESENT in all our interactions.
  • Acting with COMPASSION, more than just the willingness to be affected emotionally by the condition of others, but a commitment to act from that awareness.
  • Living life with INTENTION, each day our actions are a living representation of our beliefs
  • Recognizing FULFILLMENT comes from the altruistic giving to others.



  • Serve our clients by listening with empathy and responding to their needs;
  • Treat our patients like they were our own- with compassion, respect and dignity;
  • Support each other’s personal growth in the work that we do ever mindful of our common goals and values;
  • Share our passion with our community.