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A Dog Dig Box

Making a Dog Sandbox

By: Melanie

sandbox_2I recently came across what I thought was a great idea for dogs that just love to dig. Growing up we had a dog that loved to get in my Mother’s gardens and would routine her flower beds by digging up all the bulbs she had planted. Eventually she gave up and just gave a section of the garden over to the dog, to fulfill her instinct. If only we had thought to build her a sandbox!

I went over to a friend’s house for a BBQ and in their back yard they had constructed a sandbox for their terrier mix to be-able to dig to his heart’s content. The sandbox itself was about 64 sq ft. And they had buried in it different toys for the dog to find. Some were Kongs with food, other were small rawhide bones. My friends hid different things every few days, so the box is very interactive and stays interesting to the pet. It is the first place she darts to when let outside.

You can find instructions on how to build your own sandbox on the Lowes website here:

Or you can just by a small plastic box and fill it with sand for hours of fun for your dog!