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Tobias needs a home!


He is a stray that is approximately 3-5 years old. He is an extremely sweet, affectionate boy. He has been visiting one of our clients for some time and has finally decided he wants to be a pampered pet. He was brought to us yesterday for physical exam prior to introducing him to his new friends (they have 2 cats already). We treated him for fleas and for ear mites. He has mild dental issues but otherwise is physically fine.

Unfortunately, however, he tested positive for the feline aids virus. Because of this, he needs to find a home that has no other cats and should be kept as an indoor only cat (so he doesn't pass the virus along).

FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that is not contagious to any other animals (other than cats) or people and is much like the human HIV virus in that it has a very long incubation period. Because of this, Tobias could conceivably live happily for 5-8 more years without showing any signs of illness.

If you are interested in adopting Tobias please let us know. If not, please forward this post onto all your Facebook friends.