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Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?  We have an idea for you… how about making one for your pet to have a healthier new year?

Teacup Chuahua puppy in a pocket

The average person will have vaccines as a young child, annual exams and dental care as an adult, and routine screenings as a senior. Has your pet received the same care?

Some diseases and complications in humans can occur in pets. In many cases, good preventative care can lead to early diagnosis and treatment, avoiding extensive and expensive chronic disease management. The best way to have affordable healthcare for your pet is to have a comprehensive wellness plan. This includes an assessment of weight and mobility, in addition to monitoring other vital signs by your veterinarian. Wellness plans are also age specific; a young pet has different needs than a senior pet. Through communication, you and your veterinarian can create a wellness plan that will keep your pet healthier, increase the human-animal bond, and save you money by avoiding large bills associated with preventable disease. Here are a few preventive measures you can take right now!

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